Motivation and Buying Experience Survey Template

This motivation and buying experience survey template consist of questions for evaluating and understanding why a customer purchased a certain product, their experience while making the purchase and their level of satisfaction using it. This template was created with expert industry consulation to bring you a questionnaire that is designed to get you insightful responses. Use this template as a example / sample or directly use it in your next QuestionPro survey. You can make your own edits as required and send out your survey!

Please rate the following characteristics of the service representative on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 means poor service and 5 means excellent service. If you did not deal with a service representative, please select 6.
Very Good
Knowledge of the product
Willingness to help
Ability to complete transaction

Product Background

Which product or products did you purchase?

Overall, how would you rate the product?
Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
What was the reason to purchase the product?
Personal purchase
Business purchase
Purchased as gift
Purchased by someone else at my request
Buying Experience

Where did you purchase [PRODUCT]?
Could you please explain the particular reason (or reasons) you choose to purchase [PRODUCT] at this [LOCATION] (instead of elsewhere)?
How many times have you purchased from [LOCATION] before?
(Enter 0 if you have not purchased from [LOCATION] before.)
How was your overall purchasing experience?
Would you purchase another product at [LOCATION]?
If you chose 'No' or 'Maybe' for the previous question, could you please
state any particular reason (or reasons) for your selection?
Pricing & Product Value

How much did you pay for your product (excluding tax)?
Did you use any coupons or receive a discount of any kind?
Yes No
How would you rate the overall value of this product?
Very high value Somewhat high value Neutral Somewhat low value Very low value
Any questions or comments:
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! Your results will help us serve you better.

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